Race Night

Our branch is helping raise money for Florence Seager, a young girl from Burntwood whose life could be better off if the Tories didn’t have their hands on our NHS and the operation she needs would be free.
This is her story as written by her mother Corinne: –
“Florence was diagnosed with scoliosis (curvature of the spine) aged 7, she has been amazingly brave and upbeat about her diagnosis. Since the age of 8 yrs she has worn a back brace for 23 hours per day in the hope that her curve would be controlled and surgery could be avoided. Despite Florence doing everything that was asked of her, and wearing her brace exactly as directed, (even when in pain and when she had sores because of it rubbing her), we have now discovered that this was not enough. Flo’s ‘naughty wonky spine’ (as we call it) is continuing to curve. Florence has been supported amazingly by the NHS and we are immensely grateful for the care she has received. However we now find that the surgery Florence needs is not available on the NHS. We need to raise the money required for Florence to have spinal surgery as soon as possible, while she is still growing and still flexible. Florence is a scoliosis warrior and was born a fighter when she entered the world prematurely alongside her two sisters. Florence is a triplet, one of our miracle girls, conceived after cycles of IVF. She just wants to be like her two sisters; out of pain and with a bright future. We know that if Florence can have the surgery that she so desperately needs, this will change her life forever.”

On the 21st Feb we are running a race night at the Grangemoor WMC to raise money for Florence and our Branch. It would be amazing if you could attend, share our event and show Florence our support.
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