An evening with Dr Lily Hamourtziadou

A seminar with Dr Lily Hamourtziadou, principle researcher for the twice Nobel Peace Prize nominated NGO, Iraq Body Count. This seminar seeks to give an overview of her research including key areas of human security, human rights, terrorism and international law.

Lily is a Keele University Graduate and has worked as a lecturer, a teacher, a researcher, analyst and writer for the Iraq Body Count and the UNHCR, as well as a WEA tutor. Lily teaches Global Politics and Political Theory and tries to give her students the tools to understand their world and their role in it, to know their rights, to think critically, to participate in their communities, and to be confident that they can bring about change, whatever their age or ethnic background.
Date and Time
Thu, 5 September 2019
19:30 – 22:30
Martin Heath Hall
Christchurch Lane
WS13 8AY