CLP Democracy

You are invited to attend an all-member meeting of the Lichfield Constituency Labour Party. The meeting will be held on Friday August 9 2019 at:

The Martin Heath Hall
Christ Church Lane
WS13 8AY

The meeting will start at 7.30pm. Please bring your current unexpired membership card with you. If you are in arrears you can pay the dues before the meeting.

The sole agenda item will be to discuss a motion from Lichfield Rural Branch.


“This branch believes that in the interest of democracy, openness and inclusion, Lichfield CLP should replace the current ‘delegates’ structure for General Committee Meetings and Annual General Meetings with an ‘all members’ structure. This would allow any member to attend the above meetings, listen and contribute to debates and vote on any issues arising. It may also encourage more members to stand for branch and CLP posts.”

It’s 6 days until the All Members meeting next Friday 9 August at 7.30pm at: The Martin Heath Hall, Christchurch Lane, Lichfield WS13 8AY.
This is an important meeting as we will be discussing and voting on a motion our branch submitted about changing who can attend important Constituency Labour Party (CLP) meetings and make decisions on different issues. Lots of different CLPs around the country have been having this debate following the recent Labour Party Democracy Review. Hopefully you’ll have read Philippa’s recent email about the meeting with the motion attached. It would be fantastic if you can come and have your say next Friday night. And also if you could share this message with other Lichfield Labour Party members you know in any of the branches.

The Secretary of Lichfield Rural Branch wrote:
“Sadly Bob and I will be away on holiday and will be unable to attend. We have asked about postal/proxy votes but sadly neither will be permitted.
This issue was debated at Branch meetings and the motion written as a result. We need as many Branch members to attend and vote as possible, as we think this issue is crucial for the democracy of our CLP. Most local constituencies now operate on an All Members structure, and we want to bring Lichfield into line with neighbouring CLPs, such as Burton or South Derbyshire. We want this issue to pass, and for that to happen we need bodies at the meeting!
It looks as if there will be a membership check. If your membership card is lost a new one can be sent. You need to contact with your membership number or postcode or call 0345 092 2299.
Please consider attending this meeting, you will be playing a vital part in the democracy of our local party.
In solidarity”