Summerfield and All Saints Ward

Michael Galvin – Candidate for Summerfield And All Saints Ward
I am very proud to be standing as the Labour candidate for Summerfield and All Saints Ward for the local elections on 6 May.

From as far back as I can remember I have always identified with The Labour Party’s values of:
• Social justice
• Strong community
• Reward for hard work
• Decency
• Rights matched by responsibilities

I currently work as a Mental Health Nurse From 1995 until 2002 I worked as a police officer. I saw the devastation that crime can cause to hard working families who were the victims of crime. During this time I worked as a response office, I worked as a beat officer, football intelligence and was also seconded to CID for a brief time.

From 2002 I I moved to Nursing within the NHS. I have had various roles as a Mental Health Nurse, I have worked on an older adults ward, acute mental health, community care before finally specialising on Deaf Mental Health and managing the National Deaf Mental health service. before becoming Matron for National Specialist Mental Health Services In September 2019 I began working in my present post of Commissioning Case Manager for Specialist metal Health with NHS England covering the West Midlands.

I am committed to working hard for the residents of Burntwood and especially those who live in Summerfield and All Saints Ward. I have lived in Burntwood for 21 years, I have been married to Clare for 25 years who is an intensive care nurse and we have 2 grown up children. As a family we have benefitted from what Burntwood has offered our family, whether this be the excellent schools and other facilities in the area such as the parks . If elected I want to continue to support these local facilities from further cuts and also to support our local businesses to be successful to make Burntwood a more prosperous and better place to live.

The pandemic has been incredibly difficult for all of us but it has also shown us how as a community we can stick together and help others, where this be through the food banks, the Burntwood Be A Friend, the collections of laptops, tablets and IT equipment or to the applause for the NHS and even the VE day street parties – all signs of the potential of our town and what a community like ours can achieve have spent my adult life in public service and as I say I have benefitted from living in Burntwood and now want the opportunity to give something back should you choose to vote for me.

If you vote for me I pledge to:

• To ensure that Burntwood has a voice in the district council and our money is spent wisely and fairly within the whole area.
• To support and promote local groups and charities who make such a difference for local residents
• To offer support and to signpost people to where the appropriate support is.
• Support the small local shops that have been such a lifeline during the lockdowns

Due to the pandemic I may not be able to talk to you on your doorstep or to have a chat in one of our fantastic pubs and restaurants – but I will be in touch! Please watch out for my leaflets and contact me with any question.

As I have already said, I am local, if you see me around walking my dogs stop me and have a chat, if you have a dog and you’ve forgotten your poo bags, again stop me and ask, I usually have a pocket full.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would very much welcome YOUR support.

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