Phil Sutcliffe

Phil has lived in the Lichfield area for 25 years and in Chadsmead ward for over 4 years. He has 3 grown up children. Phil works for a neighbouring Local Authority, managing a team who work with children with sensory or physical impairments and disabilities. He has over 20 years’ experience of working in Local Government.

Phil believes in a strong but accountable Council, working for local people and businesses. He feels it is vital that the Council is cost effective and efficient but actively protects the most vulnerable. He feels it is vital that decision making should be fair and transparent and should be for the benefit of all residents, not just the privileged few. We mustn’t have another Friarsgate type fiasco with public money squandered and decisions made behind closed doors.

Phil’s immediate key priorities are- campaigning for more affordable housing, reforming the green bin scheme, improving the cleanliness of our streets, working towards improving community safety and fair and transparent finance.

The Council needs to be fair, effective, forward-looking, transparent and accountable!
Phil says “It would be an honour, as a Labour Party member, to represent the people of Chadsmead, bringing better services to the area and helping to improve the lives of all residents”

Mark Taylor

I believe that as a civilised society, everyone should have access to the benefits that come from sharing and taking collective responsibility. This is something that has been eroded in past decades by successive governments and local authorities. Quality of life for many people has suffered as a result. This can change.
I have lived in Lichfield for than 30 years, working, raising a family and taking part in local organisations, events and activities. Lichfield is a nice, friendly place to live and I am proud to call it home.
I have tried to put back into the city as much as I have benefitted from it. Over the years I have been a local councillor several times. I have worked with voluntary groups, including chairing the management committee at one of the community centres and helping to set us and run Speakers’ Corner. Lately, I have been part of the committee organising and running the emergency night shelter. This has provided food and a warm, safe place to sleep for he homeless people in the streets of Lichfield through the worst of the winter weather.