Chase Terrace

Sharon Banevicius

Sharon Banevicius, a mother of two grown up children and a grandmother to three children, lives with husband Paul in Chase Terrace Ward. She was a school governor on Holly Grove School when her children were there.

Sharon has been an effective councillor on Lichfield District speaking up for Burntwood at every opportunity and is now able to stand for election in the ward she lives in.
She worked as a Nurse at St Matthews Hospital for 12 years then left to work at Walsall Chamber of Commerce as a Training Manager. Sharon now runs a successful Home Care Agency in Burntwood.

Sharon said: “I have deep roots here in Chase Terrace and hope that I will be elected to speak up for the Ward I actually live in and to continue the fight for a fair share of resources so that we can make a better Burntwood.”

Steve Norman

Steve Norman lives in Chase Terrace Ward with his wife, Sue Woodward who is standing down as a Chase Terrace Lichfield District Councillor this year. He works part time for a charity helping older people in Staffordshire and has 32 years’ experience as a Borough and District Councillor.

Steve has had two lead roles in the West Midlands in the past; one was with regards to improving the environment, particularly air quality, and another was promoting scrutiny in local councils for better governance.

Members of a Scrutiny Committee should not have a Party Whip applied and so is able to examine proposal by the Council’s Cabinet. Steve says: “If Lichfield District had been more transparent and more Conservative members, not just the few Labour members, had scrutinised the Lichfield City failing Friarsgate project Burntwood might not be suffering from so little investment from the Council.”