Elaine Kirkham

“Elaine Kirkham has lived in Burntwood since 1970 when her family moved to Highfield Road. She is Senior Lecturer and Postgraduate Courses Portfolio Leader at the University of Wolverhampton, specialising in Medical Education, Politics and in Leadership. Elaine has led a number of Panels and Groups locally, campaigning for adult social care services and for dignity in care. She currently is a member of the Safer Neighbourhood Panel representing Burntwood, and she undertakes local Policing scrutiny on behalf of the Police. Fire and Crime Commissioner. Elaine has been a lifelong member of the Labour Party and became a Parish Councillor in 2015. She has a passion for defending and improving local services”.
Elaine is also standing Hunslet Ward for Burntwood Town Council.

Burntwood Town Council candidates

John Griffin

A schoolteacher for much of my career, and now partly retired, I have been resident in Gorstey Lea for 15 years after marrying Valerie. We have often had a houseful of our children’s friends, all of them complaining about cuts to nursery provision, cuts to affordable housing, zero-hours contracts and so on – all of them getting worse and worse. We need to remove the Tories from national, county, district and town councils.

Valerie Griffin

A resident of Burntwood since my family moved here 55 years ago, I have been resident in Gorstey Lea for 30 years. For many years I was a housewife, and am now a school lunchtime supervisor locally. I have watched the facilities in Burntwood, especially for young people, be lost over the years – and especially in the cuts inflicted by the Tories at national, county and district level since 2010. It is time to change!