Paul Golder

“Originally from London I have lived in the Midlands for fifty years and in Lichfield for twenty five. Now retired I previously worked in Birmingham as a Statistician and lecturer in Computer Science. We have family in Lichfield, grandchildren attended local schools, and we are all dependent on local businesses and public services from the excellent new library to the Samuel Johnson hospital. I have served elsewhere on a community health council and in Lichfield as a primary school governor. Ten years of austerity has created immense challenges for local services and local democracy. I am standing as a Labour Candidate to represent the interests of Leomansley residents and so that as a member of a Labour led council I can contribute to addressing these challenges. I believe we need to use inevitably limited resources to : Reduce: inequality which damages the quality of life for us all. Create: a vibrant and economically viable community which engages all of its citizens both the growing elderly population of the district and its young people. Plan: for a rapidly changing future., facing up the challenges of climate and technological change creating a sustainable future for our young people. We face many national and international challenges but we can start to address them in our home town and on the 2nd May you have an opportunity to make a difference.”

Raj Kulkarni

I have lived in Lichfield for 13 years having previously been in Walsall where I was a school governor. I have been a computer programmer in Birmingham for just over 30 years. Having commuted there for so long, I have a keen interest in the provision of public transport and improving the condition of the roads and pavements in our area which seem to grow more shocking by the day.

I am standing as a Labour candidate this May because Conservative austerity has led to a deterioration in the quality of life in Lichfield. We all need:-

  • A properly maintained transport infrastructure for our economy to flourish.
  • Affordable housing while protecting the Green Belt.
  • Properly funded emergency services to protect our community.
  • Properly funded education to invest in our future.
  • Decent sports and leisure facilities for young and old to improve our health and wellbeing.

We need a council that is fair, effective, forward looking, transparent and accountable.

It is surely time for a change. On May 2 vote for a fair, effective, forward looking, transparent and accountable council. Vote Labour.

Kim Rochelle

I’ve lived in Lichfield for 20 years and in Leomansley ward since 2008. With my partner, I use public services and support local businesses, festivals and community events across the District.
I’m an independent Psychologist working to support parents of children with special educational needs. I see the effects of austerity and inequality on the lives of children, young people and their families every day.
In Leomansley, I’ve seen the effects of central Government cuts to Council funding on local services: from policing to pot holes and paying more tax for our brown bins. Like you, I’ve been shocked by the millions of pounds wasted on the abandoned Friarsgate project.
I’m standing as a Labour candidate to speak up for the residents of Leomansley ward. As a Labour Councillor I will listen to your concerns and speak out to promote your views. Leomansley needs visible and accountable Labour representatives on District and Parish Councils to:

  • Look to the future for our community, local economy and environment.
  • Reduce inequality and inefficiency in our community and local services.
  • Spend our money sensibly.

We live in very difficult times nationally and internationally but you can start the change locally on 2nd May.