Summerfield & All Saints

Bernard Brown

I am Bernard Brown, living in Burntwood for 56 years I now have three adult children and two grandchildren in the town. I previously served for 8 years on the town council until 4 years ago and believe I made a difference and would relish serving Burntwood further to ensure our streets and parks are clean and tidy and our town achieves a fair share of district spending to move Burntwood forward to become the place we all want it to be.

Laura Ennis

Hello I’m Laura, a mother to 4 lovely children (4, 6, 12 and 17) and I want to work for Burntwood to be the best it can be for mine and everyone’s families. We want to work together towards our Streets being cleaner, our roads being safer and protecting the few green area’s our children have to play. At the moment our council doesn’t have a Mother with young children on it and I think it is missing that input. I want to join the town & district council so I can voice the concerns seen on the school run and discussed in the playground. Thank you.

Roy Tovey

I am Roy Tovey, an ex miner and father to two grown lads and a step dad to two teenagers. I have a personal and professional attachment with Burntwood having started a business using my mineworkers redundancy and now after 19 years in Burntwood employing 15 mainly local people, so I have a strong commitment to the future prosperity and wellbeing of the town and I am determined to see Burntwood achieve a fairer proportion of local government spending and transform Burntwood for the good of all.

Burntwood Town Council candidates

Ivan Holdsworth

My name is Ivan Holdsworth standing as a candidate for Burntwood town council as I believe we need to engage small businesses, charities, voluntary organisations and residents to ensure local services are provided even in the face of ongoing funding cuts. I live in Summerfield and All Saints ward and I have a small retail business in Chasetown and as such am passionate about keeping our high streets alive. My children attend school in Burntwood and are actively involved in local organisations such as the scouts. I am a former teacher and local authority education advisor and would relish the opportunity to help build a better future for Burntwood and its residents.

Steve Taylor

My Name is Steve Taylor and I have lived in Burntwood for 45 years and worked in Birmingham for 30 years for as a machine tool setter for GKN. I am married with two children both grown up and married. I have always belonged to a trade union and I am still an active member of Unison. I joined the Labour party 20 years ago and I am committed to the Burntwood cause of helping to bringing parity of spending with other areas in Lichfield district. I believe in making the Old Mining college a hub and a facility for all of the community and putting in place an effective neighbourhood plan. A vote for me is a vote for a better Burntwood for all.