Burntwood North

Local Labour members have selected sitting County Councillor, Sue Woodward, to stand again as their candidate for Burntwood North. Sue has been the County Councillor for Burntwood North since 2013 when she took the seat from the Conservatives and held on to it, against the run of play, in 2017. Sue is very active and well-known in the community and is involved directly with a number of voluntary organisations. She is well-respected across the political spectrum and led the Opposition Groups at both Lichfield District and Staffordshire County Councils until 2019 when she became Leader of Burntwood Town Council.

Councillor Woodward said, “As an Opposition Leader, I couldn’t change a lot of what the Conservative administrations were doing, but I can change our own corner of the County and District. I want to put my energies into creating what all residents want – a Better Burntwood.”

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