Lichfield North

I was so pleased to be selected as the Candidate for Lichfield City North at the May County Council elections. I have been a supporter of Labour for as long as I can remember and since retiring from full time work I have been looking at ways to become more involved and help to make a difference.

I am the Founder of Pathway Project, and was CEO for 25 years, and remain a volunteer. I am also involved with a number of other charities and work to make a positive difference to people wherever I can.

If elected, I will work to represent the community, but also to offer my support and help to individuals. I want to hear from the community about what they believe are the main issues. I firmly believe that we can make a difference by working together. The tragic death of Sarah Everard has raised a huge issue about the safety of our streets. I have some thoughts on this which you can find on my Blog page

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